Do you sing?  We would love to meet you!!  

We still have openings for all parts!  

1) Read all the information below and make sure we are a good fit for you.

2) Email us and let us know you are interested.

3) Send us a recording - see below for more information.

What are we looking for?  

We take musicality and blend with current voices pretty seriously.   Our Altos resonate with a full sound and our Sopranos are not too 'bright."  We don't want to hear any one voice stick out during a song where it is not intended.  We have said "No Thank You" to amazing singers with great talent that just didn't blend with our sound and style.

Some helpful information about the Cats:

We sing because we love it and we enjoy each other’s company.  This is not a business venture, and any money we make goes into a kitty (pun intended) for general use by the group for expenses.  However, we are serious about the music we make and are committed to the group and each other.

What is an Open Rehearsal?

We periodically hold an Open Rehearsal prior to a formal audition.  It is really low-key.  We will chat for a little bit to let you know more about our group and we will sing a few songs.  You don’t need to prepare anything for the open rehearsal, just be yourself.   Send us an email if you are interested and we can let you know about any upcoming open rehearsals.

What about rehearsals?

Rehearsals are held on Monday evenings from 7:30 to 9:30 pm at a Cat’s home.  Currently in Brookline, Watertown, and Wellesley, but occasionally we meet at other locations.  You should note that these places are not always T accessible.  Rehearsals are important, so if you currently have a regular Monday night conflict or are unable to find transportation, then this might not be the best time for you to audition.  We do understand that we all have real lives, though, and we try to work things out when we can.

A little about our audition process:  

After we hear from you, we ask that you submit an audio or video recording of you singing (a cappella, of course).  Your song choice should reflect the range you are auditioning for.  PLEASE CHOOSE A SIMPLE SONG!  We are not looking to be impressed by your taste in music or attempt to sing a complicated song with lots of runs.  We would be happy with a well sung, in tune version of Happy Birthday or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  The goal is for us to hear your tone and ability to hold the notes by yourself.  

After this, we will make arrangements to have you audition in person.  At the audition, you will sing a short piece which you feel showcases your voice.  This does not have to be complicated or "fussy" (one member got into the group after singing a lullaby) just something you feel comfortable with.  We will do some exercises to check your range and musicality and we may ask you to sing with us, on a familiar song, so we can hear your blend.  Please note that reading music is not a requirement!   

We look forward to hearing from you!  If you have any other questions, please let us know.